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Jazz Horton Saturdays 12:30-1:30   

Featured this Fall is our open level Horton Jazz class -- a renowned dance method combining ballet, jazz, and modern technique
to prepare a dancer for any type dance genre he or she may wish to pursue.
Shaped by an understanding of human anatomy, the basic movements which govern the actions of the body and high-energy artistic
design, this class is a favorite among dancers and physical fitness enthusiasts alike. Open level recommended for Beginner through
advanced level ballet students,  contemporary or modern jazz students and
those seeking fortified physical fitness, flexibility and mental agility.

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"I am sincerely trying now to create a dance technique based entirely upon corrective exercises, created with a knowledge of human
anatomy; a technique which will correct physical limitations and prepare a dancer for any type of dancing he may wish to follow; a technique
having all the basic movements which govern the actions of the body; combined with a knowledge of the origin of movement and a sense of
artistic design"
  Lester Horton.