Tuition Winter/Spring 2019 semester January 5th - June 7th
22 week semester  

There is a $25.00 registration fee per family for new students who were not enrolled in the Fall 2018 semester

45 min. classes: $355.00
Creative Movement                             
Intro to Dance Ballet

1 hour classes:  $370.00
Pre Ballet   Ballet I     
Ballet II    Hip Hop               
Tap III   Tap I/II
Adult Teen Broadway Jazz    

1 hour 15 min. classes:
Ballet IIIAw/prepointe  $390  
Jazz Horton I/II  

1 hour 30 min. classes:
Jazz/Musical Theatre  
Ballet IV w/ pointe --   $430.00   
Instructor approval required

To the Pointe Series 1:
Ballet II and Ballet IIIA  (with pre-pointe) $684.00  

To the Pointe Series 2:  
Ballet IIIA w/ pre pointe & Ballet IV (w/pre pointe or pointe) $775.00   

Triple Threat classes: (Any 3 classes per wk.(excludes pointe) - $950.00

Adult Class Card: 10 class card  $180.00 (excludes pointe)

Adult Single Class/Drop in rate: - $20

Adult Adv. Ballet without/pointe Single class option - $25  i
nstructor approval/placement evaluation required

Adult Adv. Ballet w/Pointe Single class option - $25 instructor approval/placement evaluation required

The Ballet Studio allows payment arrangements upon requst. New this semester are a limited number of work/study positions. In addition, for
the WS 2019 semester there are a limited number of full and partial scholarships offered by The Ballet Studio for qualifying applicants. Contact
the Studio Director for more