Rebecca Helmer brings nearly 30 years of dance experience.  She trained
in ballet, tap, modern, jazz, and flamenco, primarily at Leonardo Dance
Studio, The Professional School, Triple Threat, and Donna Tambussi Studio
of Dance in New Jersey.  In addition, she trained and performed with
Universal Dance Center, Jay Dash, and the Pennsylvania Ballet.  She toured
with the
Ballet Des Jeunes dance troupe, performing flamenco, ballet, and
modern dance in the US and throughout Spain.  She has sustained her
commitment to dance throughout her professional career, continuing to take
classes in New York, Hong Kong, and Washington DC.  In addition to her
dance training, Rebecca  has experience acting and singing both
recreationally and professionally – performing in
Jake’s Women at the
Walnut Street theater, several commercials, as well as local theater
productions of
Charlotte’s Web, Grease!, A Chorus Line,  Damn Yankees,
and Pippin

In addition to her love of dance, Rebecca has a love of children and a
commitment to education.  Dedicating herself to a career in education, she
built an early foundation by teaching ballet at the YMCA, teaching Hebrew
school, babysitting, and participating in tutoring programs for underprivileged
children -- and subsequently devoted the past 11 years working for
For America and Teach For All
. These non-profit organizations emulate
Rebecca’s dedication to ensuring that all children have access to a quality
education.  Through this work, she has honed her skills as a relationship
builder and coach, as well as her knowledge of strong teaching practice.

Throughout her life, Rebecca has drawn joy, comfort, and energy from her
commitment to dance. She looks forward to using her skills and her energy to
bring the joy of dance to children in the Del Ray community.
Rebecca Helmer -
Lead Instructor
Creative Movement, Intro to Dance
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