Adult Ballet Jazz & Tap classes descriptions
                                  Winter/Spring  2019
          All classes require online preregistration  

    Adult/Teen Ballet Beg. Level I/II:
    Sat. 12:15-1:15  Specifically designed for young adult
    students, this class is a progressive series of both
    classical and contemporary barre plus center
    practice using choreography and technique that
    dancers can consistently rely on to meet and exceed
    their individual dance goals.
       Both challenging and fun, this class includes
    center floor adagio, turns, jumps and ballet
    variations. Improved flexibility, core strength and
    muscle tone are just a few of the additional
    benefits of this popular Adult Ballet class --
    presented in a no pressure, welcoming studio

    Ballet III - w/prepoint:
    Pre requisite:  Demonstrated skill level or equivalent training.
    Barre, center practice and pre-pointe essentials are
    the focus of this advanced beginner ballet class
    designed for the teen or adult dancer seeking
    classical ballet technique that they consistently
    recognize, understand, and independently apply.
      Emphasis is placed on ballet vocabulary,                   
    mastery  of barre, improved turnout plus essential
    pre-pointe fundamentals. Center floor work
    includes choreography from both classical and
    contemporary ballets. Whether pre professional
    dancer or those seeking a fun yet challenging
    fitness activity that builds muscle tone, flexibility,
    strength, and mental agility, Ballet III provides the
    opportunity to meet and exceed your dance goals.

    Adult/Teen Ballet IV - w/ POINTE:  For the
    advanced ballet dancer with prior pointe
    experience. Instructor Approval required

    Adult/Teen Broadway Jazz  Beg Adv.:   Using the
    time-tested Broadway  Jazz dance curriculum as
    building blocks, students learn warm-up exercises,
    across the floor progressions, and center
    choreography that gives focused attention to the
    dance technique, musicality and performance skills
    used in Broadway jazz dance.  Performance
    opportunities:  2018 Annual Nutcracker Dances &
    Holiday Showcase December; Student Dance Concert
    June 2019
    Adult/Teen Tap -- Wednesdays 7:15-8:15
    9/12-12/12 - Beginner/Adv. Beginner

    Jazz Horton Technique Tues. 7:15-8:30
    Combining ballet, jazz, and modern technique, this
    renowned jazz dance technique is a favorite among
    dancers and physical fitness enthusiasts alike.
    Through high-energy artistic design that merges
    music with movement, the class uses an
    understanding of human anatomy -- and the basic
    movements which govern the actions of the body --
    to generate a great dance workout. Without a doubt
    this class prepares dancers and non-dancers alike
    for any type dance genre or physical fitness activity
    he or she may wish to pursue! (open level)

For Dancers seeking a
reintroduction to ballet,
jazz, tap or modern; For
Dancers seeking a Dancers
just starting out;
or those seeking a fun,
artsy,fitness workout –
without the gym!
Online Pre registration is required
Tuition is due at your first day of classes.
Workstudy positions are open to students at the Ballet Studio.
Contact us with a letter of  interest!
Class Attire. Ballet slippers are required for
Ballet classes, tap shoes for Tap classes.
Ballet, jazz shoes or bare feet for Jazz. Dance
attire -- leotard/tights --
suggested for all
classes or comfortable top and leggings.
Adult students may register for the full
semester classes. Teens age 13+  with prior
training may attend Adult Classes.
All classes require online preregistration